Ford 460 Mechanical Fuel Pump

Mechanical fuel pumps are a common part on older cars. Newer vehicles use electrical fuel pumps. A mechanical fuel pump relies on a diaphragm and valve system to draw fuel from the tank. An electric fuel pump uses computer systems to regulate the flow and pressure. It is also more efficient than a mechanical fuel pump.

Product Description

A fuel pump helps move the liquid fuel from your vehicle’s tank to the combustion part of your engine. Mechanical pumps use a system of moving parts to pull fuel from the tank, while electrical fuel pumps have a computer that regulates how much pressure is applied to the fuel lines.

Ford 460 Mechanical Fuel Pump
Ford 460 Mechanical Fuel Pump

For most street/strip applications, a mechanical fuel pump is still the preferred choice, especially when compared to its electric counterpart at modest horsepower levels. However, if you’re building a high-performance nitrous or forced induction EFI engine, you will likely require an electrical pump for maximum power output.

Designed for carbureted Ford 429, 460 engines, this high-output mechanical fuel pump flows 110 GPH (Free flow). It utilizes an all aluminum housing for weight savings and features integrated shutoff valves that are preset at 6.5- to 8 PSI. For additional installation flexibility, the pump casting can be rotated to accommodate various plumbing situations. Its inlet and outlet are tapped for 3/8″ NPT.

Product Features

The ford 460 mechanical fuel pump is the product of choice for many carbureted Ford 429 and 460 engines. Flowing 110 gallons per hour (free flow) and utilizing an aluminum housing for weight savings, this pump is the obvious choice for those looking to upgrade their fuel delivery system. In addition to the aforementioned all-aluminum housing, this unit also has a built-in shutoff valve that is pre-set at 6.5-8 PSI, which eliminates the need for a pressure regulator.

This product aficionados will also be enthralled with the innovative design of this high-quality pump which features an all aluminum rotor paired with a solid aluminum drive belt and an anti-cavitation impeller to ensure smooth operation. In addition to the all-aluminum design, this fuel pump boasts a number of other technologically advanced features such as precision castings and rockers, which help extend the life of this unit while maintaining peak performance. The all-aluminum fuel pump has a built-in bypass pressure regulator and is designed for a variety of engine applications including those found in many Ford and Chevrolet applications.

Product Installation

Mechanical fuel pumps are still the standard for most applications. They are simple, reliable and inexpensive. They are also available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate engines from small-block Chevy to large-block Ford and many others.

If your car is carbureted and you aren’t getting the fuel that you expect then it could be that there is a leak in the pump. Look for a metal oval cover that’s on the front of the motor and it should be facing you. If it’s not then your car uses an electric pump and it’s usually located on the frame behind the tank, just to the left of the timing chain cover.

Edelbrock part #1726 Performer RPM Series is a high performance street fuel pump for 429/460 Ford engines designed to work with all Edelbrock carburetors used in the Performer or Performer RPM applications. It features a three stage polished finish and a unique valve design that improves flow quantity and quality, and will support engines up to 600 hp. It flows 110 GPH (free flow) and is all aluminum for weight savings, with a shutoff pressure pre-set from 6.5-8.0 PSI.

Product Warranty

A fuel pump is a vital component of any performance vehicle. The right fuel pump can keep your engine running smooth and powerful for years to come. Whether you are replacing an old one or upgrading to a high-performance pump, make sure you get the one that best suits your needs and budget. Whether you’re searching for a belt-driven or electric fuel pump, you should know what you are getting before you buy.

For your convenience, AutoZone has put together a list of the top fuel pump products that you can find in the market so that you can easily compare them and get what you need. If you have any questions about any of these fuel pumps, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone so we can help you figure out which one is the right fit for your needs and budget. We look forward to your inquiry! We want you to be happy with your purchase and we would like to earn your business.

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